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The Wyoming Theater Company is thankful for the support from many people and businesses who have given to the Theater program throughout the years. Contributions to our performing arts organization help sustain the high quality theater education which encompasses all aspects of the theatrical performance process. Not only are students given this unique learning opportunity, but students also get first hand knowledge of how the arts positively impact our community.


Josh Baumbach

Tommy and Sue Brann

Bunny Tuxedos

Celebration Cinemas

Connie and Evans DeVries

The Diaz Family

E.G. Makeup

Kristin Ferguson

Mike and Karen Francois

Larry French & the Family Sewing Center

Godwin Plumbing and Hardware

Cindy Gomez

J & H Family Stores-Mobile Pit Stop

Zach Kortz

Marge’s Donut Den

Mary Alice Miller

The Palma Family

Powell Orthodontics

Dr. Tom & Maggie Reeder

Nick Richardson

Julie Rodriguez

Melissa Schneider and Family

The Sluiter Family

Super Cream Bakery

Kim Swiger

Thomsons Auto Repair Inc

Laura VanderWerf

Anne Walker

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We would be honored to have you become a Theater Company Patron. Any level of support you are able to give is greatly appreciated. Donations may be made by online.

To donate using the QR code, scan the code below.

Next you should see three separate rows with three different Wyoming groups. Use the third row. If using a mobile phone the rows may be difficult to see. Turn your phone sideways—horizontal (you may need to take it off screen lock if it's locked) to expand. Pick the row that says WPS Theater Company Donation. The WPS donation site does not allow you type in a number for your donation amount. You must change the quantity to the amount you are looking to donate (for example quantity 25 for $25, etc). You may also go to the donation website directly rather than using the QR code.

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